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Scam Alert for Connecticut LLCs

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CTCPA members are reporting that they and their clients organized as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are receiving a form requiring payment of a “$110 annual report fee” relative to a “2018 – Annual Report Instruction Form (Connecticut LLCs)” from Workplace Compliance Services, 1022 Boulevard #243, West Hartford, CT 06110. The form apparently is being received in the regular U.S. postal service in hard copy.

This is a scam and no payments should be made to Workplace Compliance Services.

The hard-copy form Workplace Compliance Services sends to LLCs looks deceivingly like a real state tax form, so it is easy to understand how people could be fooled by it.

sample of scam

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  1. Romina Yanez

    Good Morning. I live in New Jersey, I own a LLC BUSINESS and I have received one of this letter. If this WOKPACE COMPLIENCE SERVICE is a scam should I notify to the corresponding agencies?
    R. Yanez

  2. Michelle Frankland

    If your letter is relative to an NJ LLC, we are not aware of a scam there. We have been advised by the State of CT that notices such as the one above were scams and that payments should not be made as instructed on the notice. You should contact NJ directly.

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